Past Blackout Trip Experience - Eagle Island, GA

Gain Clarity, Focus And Simplicity By Taking A Surprise, Tech-Free Retreat 


We  spend nearly every second our lives connected to technology. We live in constant distraction and reaction. 

A Blackout Trip is a zero-tech experience in a surprise location with a surprise itinerary. It is an immersive, multi-day tech fast in a stunning location. And you experience the trip with a curated group of like-minded people.

Beyond knowing the initial meeting point for the experience, the group doesn't know where they are going or what adventures are in store until they actually unfold. Nor do they have phones to check directions, Yelp or any other apps that actually take the fun out of day-to-day living.

Taking a surprise, tech-free retreat forces us to slow down, live in the moment and rediscover ourselves. We get really clear on what matters most and where we want to go next.

This trip allows us to deeply appreciate the journey and return to our families and businesses as a much more present, connected human. 

Join us on a Blackout Trip to experience tech fasting, complete surrender, self-discovery and adventurous spontaneity.


Why A Blackout Trip?

Giving up technology in a curated environment is the only way to begin finding clarity and direction. Otherwise, distractions let us avoid life's toughest questions.

A Blackout Trip will remind you how to be a highly engaged and present person giving your full attention to those right in front of you. Your friends, your loved ones and your employees.

Sounds simple enough, but it's one of the biggest challenges we face in the modern world. 

Take a break from the fast track of life and have a look around, to further your understanding and connect with yourself and then with others. You will rediscover your inner cause and what you want to achieve. 

We think. We read. We write. We talk. We go on adventures. We enjoy being in the moment. 

You walk away from the experience feeling emotionally light, mentally clear, relationally connected and spiritually aligned.  

The experience was incredible. It was uncomfortable at first, but I haven’t felt more adventurous and connected since my childhood. If you’re on the fence, just go. You might even find a piece of yourself that you forgot was there. I did.
— Shane Stott, CEO of Zen Tank Co and Walker Tape Co
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The Blackout Experience

  • A Blackout Trip is a zero-tech experience. All tech will be collected at the beginning of the trip for the entire duration.
  • Arrive at a meeting point somewhere in the world before traveling to an undisclosed location with the group.
  • The group doesn't know where they are going or what they are doing until arrival, forcing you to live in the present moment.


  • Individual and group exercises designed to help you reconnect with what truly matters in life. 
  • Unique adventures and activities in a stunning location.
  • Comfortable accommodations in a beautiful setting.
  • Build a lifelong bond with a highly curated group of like-minded individuals.
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