The Pursuit of Presence is the quest to create a life that we can be proud of. A life of being intentional with our attention. A life in which we are fully present, regardless of whether we are having dinner with our family or working on our business.

We believe that regularly disconnecting from technology allows you to connect in the real world at depths we haven't experienced since before the invention of the cell phone. Intentional tech usage allows it to be used powerfully as a tool, not a distraction.


The benefits of gaining clarity, having deep focus, a longer attention span are best experienced on a Blackout Trip. You will see the benefits of feeling grounded, present and deeply connected within hours and will want to keep the momentum going once you return home.

You should ONLY pursue presence if:

  1. You need to feel more grounded and present with the people around you.
  2. You need to increase the sense of adventure and spontaneity in your life.
  3. You need to have a deeper, more present relationship with your partner.
  4. You need to get more (and better) work done in less time. True focus.
  5. You need true clarity around your vision and what actually matters in life and business.


We believe our greatest responsibility in life is to live proactively, not reactively. This is what the Pursuit of Presence is all about. Controlling our attention and being intentional about living life on our terms.

This isn't about shunning technology, but rather being fully present with your surroundings. Appreciating the simplicity and beauty of everyday life.

On our Blackout Trips, you learn to live proactively and not reactively. We take you on a journey of self-discovery to create a life that you will be extremely proud of. A life where moments matter more than materials. A life where experiences matter more than what you buy.

Join and begin your pursuit of presence on our next Blackout Trip