The Pursuit of Presence is a growing community of intermittent tech-fasters.

We believe regular disconnection from technology brings deep clarity, focus and connection with ourselves and others.

We believe in living life proactively and not reactively.

In an online world where we crave connection, our relationships with ourselves and others is less connected than ever before.

We aren't fully present with loved ones and we live in a state of subconscious distraction.

By tech-fasting and taking multi-day Blackout experiences, we rediscover full presence while becoming more connected with ourselves and others.

We pledge to only use technology with mindful intention in order to experience life at it's deepest levels.

We know life is most fully lived in a deep state of presence with yourself, your surroundings and others.

And we know that the only way to achieve this deep presence is by regularly disconnecting from technology.

We live a life of true presence through intermittent tech-fasting

And once we feel the power of it, we always share it with others.

With others that look to our lives as inspiration.

We support others in disconnecting so they rediscover who they are and what they want to achieve.

So they create a life of moments they cherish. And so they deepen relationships.

As you pursue presence, you are inspiring others to live a more grounded life while focusing on the moments that truly matter.

Welcome to the Pursuit of Presence.