"Tech-Free" - The Latest Retreat Tactic

Although I hold tech-free experiences, I believe the more events the merrier. 
I don’t look at it as competition. I believe in helping people unplug. 
Whether it is through an experience I create, or an experience someone else creates.
I simply want people to rediscover what matters most to them in an increasingly disconnected digital world. 

What I fear, however, is people using "tech-free" as a selling point and tactic. They toss it on the sales page as an inclusion and part of the trip, yet they don’t enforce it.
Telling people it’s a tech-free experience and letting them dictate whether they leave their phone or laptop isn’t effective.
With people, especially busy professionals, the addiction is too strong.
Left with a choice, people often take the path of least resistance.
Willpower doesn’t work. It must be a controlled environment.

It’s like inviting heroin addicts to a rehab clinic and saying, “You know, you really shouldn’t bring heroin here, but we’re going to leave it up to you.”
The point of rehab is to go to a “clean” environment. Meaning that to actually be a tech-free experience, no technology can be present. 
No phones, no laptops, no tvs, no wifi, no smart watches.

Otherwise, the "tech-free" retreat is simply being used as a marketing tactic. Even if the creators believe in the concept of disconnecting.

As you see more of these events pop up, make sure that no technology is going to be present for the duration of the experience.

It’s a magical feeling to be totally offline and off the grid for multiple days in such a highly digital world. And whether you join me on a Blackout Trip or not, I highly recommend you give yourself that gift in the near future.