It's Presence You Need, Not Clarity or Purpose

Everyone wants to gain clarity and find their purpose, but no one wants to do what is required to achieve it.
Newsflash, you’re not going to wake up on Christmas morning with clarity and purpose under the tree wrapped in a bow.
And while you know that, it doesn’t stop you from pushing harder and harder to find it.
And how has that been working out?
I can only answer for myself. Terribly.

But, worry not. All is not lost.
You’ve just missed a step.
A step that I discovered recently that has brought a sense of peace, gratitude and fulfillment.
And a step that I hope you implement yourself.

Deep presence precedes clarity and purpose. 
How can you possibly understand yourself if you aren’t present with yourself?

And the only way I have found to achieve a deep state of presence is to fully unplug for an extended period of time.

For me, it’s not about getting off technology and social media permanently. 
It’s about using it when required and setting it aside when required.
And to be present, setting it aside is required.

Maybe you’re in a transition and ready to make a change, but you’re struggling with the next step. 
You can push forward and try to force it by doing a million exercises on how to discover your purpose, or you can do something way easier.
You can take a few days totally offline in nature. This will help you rediscover who you are and what matters most.
Of course exercises are good prompts, but you won’t be honest with yourself unless you’re fully present.

A few days offline on a regular basis will allow you to consistently check in and make sure you are living the life you want.

If you’re ready to figure out the next step in this little journey of life, you must slow down and get offline before you can speed up.

Go get ‘em.