Presence In A Foreign Country

I don’t have all of this figured out.

I don’t always win versus technology.

I’m not always present with Jack.
Or myself.
Or my friends.

But, to even have that awareness is a massive WIN.

And I say this often, but once you see and become aware of where your attention is focused, you can’t UNSEE it.
Meaning that even if my behavior isn’t tracking to my highest values at the moment, I have the awareness that I feel out of alignment. And I know what to do about it.

Yes, turn my phone off and put it away.

We were in Copenhagen yesterday, Paris today.
And I’ve had getting a Europe SIM card at the top of my list of things to do once we arrived.
I’ve been on the constant look out for where to get a SIM card and researching which one has the best deal.
And which one we can use in multiple countries.
And wondering if they will have the little needle tool that will pop the sim card slot out of my aerodynamic iPhone.
And yeah, having a functional phone in a foreign country can be useful.
But, I am like tweaking out over it.
And why?

We still don’t have a sim card for our phones and we are still surviving and thriving.
Google maps works offline, so I have a map in my pocket. Do I really need to be connected when I’m walking around?
It still has wifi without the SIM. Isn’t hopping into a cafe with wifi good enough? Or, no. I MUST be connected at all times.

It just seems pretty silly. The fact that I would spend so much time on it. And it does induce a little anxiety.

I wanted to get a SIM at the Paris airport, so that we could get an Uber, rather than a taxi.
A taxi was the same price as the Uber and less stress in finding where to meet the driver.

What I’m trying to weigh is this. 
Will being fully present and aware in Paris outweigh the discomfort of not being fully connected to data at all times?
We are going to Ireland on Saturday and I’m going to go no data plan until we get to Ireland. So, time will tell if pursuing presence offline in a foreign country will outweigh the discomfort of connectivity in a foreign country.