Are You In? One-Day Tech Fasting Challenge

The journey to tech-fasting is much harder than anticipated.
I’m struggling greatly.
My iphone is sitting right beside me right now. Fully connected.
I am supposed to be tech-fasting right now. 
But there it is. The devil device.

We are in Savannah now. 
I booked our hotel through the Hotel Tonight app. One of my favorite apps.
I wouldn’t have been able to book it without my iphone.
I wouldn’t have known how to get to my hotel without my iphone.
Our ghost tour tickets were on my iphone in my email.
My iphone had the map of where to go and where to meet the tour guide.
We were meeting a friend for the dinner before the tour as well. How was he going to find us without my iphone on me?

There’s absolutely no doubt that smartphones have brought a level of convenience to our lives unlike any other time in history. They are magnificent devices.

Without my phone, all of the above would have been more difficult, sure.
But, not impossible.
And let’s be honest, it wouldn’t really be that difficult.

I would simply book the hotel ahead of time on my laptop.
I would look at a map ahead of time and jot down the simple directions.
I would have the hotel front desk print out our tickets.
The front desk would give us directions to meet up with the tour guide.
I would message my friend on the laptop and tell him where to meet at what time. And that I wouldn’t have my phone on me, so be sure to meet at the predetermined time and place.

All of this is doable. A bit more inconvenient, but doable.

And in my case, I think the reward is worth the inconvenience.
I never feel more free than when I am in public without my iphone. 
I almost feel naked, but it’s incredibly freeing when I can’t be contacted on-demand. 

And only by not having my iphone, do I remove the urge to mindlessly check apps and email.

If I have my phone in airplane mode in my pocket, I still feel connected. Because I can easily flip airplane mode off and check my apps and email.

If I have my phone turned off and in my pocket, I still feel connected. Because I can easily flip the phone on and check my apps and email.

“Use the grayscale feature in the iphone,” people tell me. “It will make you not want to use your phone.”

I actually quite like looking at my iphone in grayscale. It doesn’t curb me from checking my email and apps at all.

The only way to truly and effectively tech-fast is by not having your smartphone with you. I don’t care if your phone is fully turned off. It’s not good enough.
Lock it in a safe until the tech-fast is over.

What if I challenged myself and you to leave our smartphones at home for an entire day. 
From when we wake up in the morning to when we go to bed at night. 
The phone is not only off, but it’s put away for the entire day.

And it’s likely the mere thought of locking it up for a day is freaking you out right now.
And you’re probably telling yourself that you don’t need to lock it up and not use it for a day.
Because only people with serious problems need to do that. And your problem isn’t that bad.
Sounds awfully like an alcohol or drug addict, no?
If you’re holding onto something so tightly, there might just be a problem.

If you say that your addiction to technology isn’t so bad and you manage it well, then it should be easy to leave your phone for an entire day, right?

So, tomorrow, March 20...
Let’s leave our smartphone at home for the entire day.

Are you in?