I Need Adderall, Or Do I?

I was positive that getting an Adderall prescription would make me motivated, productive and focused.

I had been in such a rut that I thought there was no other way out.
I truly believed that a prescription medication would solve my struggles.

How can I not focus?
Is it because I hate what I’m working on?
Is this the wrong business?
Am I out of alignment?

I mean, that would explain it.

I can’t focus because I’m not working on my life’s greatest mission.

Or, do I truly have a chemical imbalance that needs to be supplemented by a prescription?

What if all of these thoughts were complete nonsense?

What if I can’t focus because over the past decade of iPhone ownership, my attention span has significantly decreased year by year?

Only one way to find out. 
I’ll lock up my iPhone and see what changes.
If anything.

I’ll see if I can focus more. 
I’ll see if there’s an initial change to my attention span.

Or, if nothing changes.

The results were ridiculous.

On one Sunday morning, I left my iPhone in my bedside nightstand.
I pledged to not be online all day. In any form.

And I went to the coffee shop for a writing session.

I wrote like the wind.
I wrote faster and more efficiently than I ever have.

My mind was clear, and I had clarity. 

And I really couldn’t believe the difference. 
I wrote 10X the word count of a typical day and it was all on point.

So, what if my focus and productivity came down to simply being more connected to real life and less connected to the internet?
And less connected to the device in my pocket?

Sometimes it’s good to be forced into these situations.
Having Google Docs open offline without the possibility of checking social media or my email.
I have no option other than to write.

Of course this is a small sample size, so more tests and experiments must be had.

But, if my hypothesis that minimizing smartphone and tech usage increases focus and productivity holds true…

We just have to figure out the best methods of minimizing phone and tech distraction to maximize focus and productivity. 

More experiments to come...