Pursuit of Presence Oath

I’m a loyal supporter in the Pursuit of Presence. 

I support intermittent tech-fasting in reclaiming myself from the addictive grips of technology. Reclaiming my relationship with myself and others. 
Reclaiming intense focus and deep work. 
Reclaiming being fully present and alive in the moments that matter in life.

And this is my line in the sand.

I shall not allow technology to distract me from what matters most in my life. 
Technology will only be used as a tool rather than a distraction.

I shall commit to consistent Blackout periods to feel deep presence and connection with myself and those closest to me.

I understand that I must lead by example to those around me. 
To those that will feel my undivided, full presence that is so rare in the world. 

Consistent Blackouts and daily Blackout periods will allow me to create deeply impactful, uninterrupted work in shorter amounts of time.

And I understand I must respect the Blackout periods regardless of how challenging it may be.

I acknowledge my attachment to technology, social media and distractions and I choose to embrace blackouts to live a truly connected, more meaning life.

I pledge my unwavering commitment to the Pursuit of Presence for this day and all days to come.