Connection Through Disconnection

Reset and Recharge  

Slow Down to speed up


As a hyperconnected entrepreneur, we help you realign in life and business by fully unplugging and being fully present. With real people. And in the real world.

While we appreciate the use of tech as a tool, regularly disconnecting allows it to remain a tool and not an addiction. 

Join us on a Blackout trip and experience the benefits of spending time offline with other entrepreneurs.

Benefits such as an expanded attention span, having space for strategic thinking and gaining mental clarity.

We use time offline to realign with your strategic vision for life and business. We help you prioritize what matters most. And we then create a plan and keep you accountable so that you're living in integrity with what matters most to you. 


What Is a blackout trip?

Learn more about our multi-day, immersive tech-free experiences and how it can deepen relationships, cultivate clarity and bring true presence to yourself and loved ones.

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upcoming blackout trips

Interested in joining us on our next Blackout experience? Pursuit of Presence is an application-based, invite only community of entrepreneurs looking to disconnect to reconnect.

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