Slow Down to Speed Up


Blackout Trips Will Help You:

  • Get clear on your direction in life and work

  • Gain a better understanding of yourself

  • Ensure your daily actions are aligned with what you value most

  • Live proactively with intention, getting more done in less time

  • Increase your attention span and level of focus

  • Rediscover a deep sense of meaning and fulfillment in your life

  • Feel fresh, energized and excited to attack life 


What Is a blackout trip?

Learn more about our multi-day, immersive tech-free experiences and how it can deepen relationships, cultivate clarity and bring true presence to yourself and loved ones.

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upcoming blackout trips

Interested in joining us on our next Blackout experience? Pursuit of Presence is an application-based, invite only community of entrepreneurs looking to disconnect to reconnect.

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